Our origins

During a family conversation, we talked about the idea of developing and packaging Puerto Rican cuisine products, when our mother suggested using the name of the our country’s national flower as the brand name. We accepted the proposal and thus a company committed to traditions, respect, honesty and responsibility was born.

In 1999, our family, always together, celebrated the opening of Maga Foods, distributor of cereals, pancakes and a Criollo menu that includes Puerto Rican culinary ingredients and recipes ready to make and enjoy.

Award-winning products for their Excellence in Quality

Today, we are four-time winners of the  Quality Excellence Award by the Puerto Rico Products Association. We shared and enjoyed every achievement with happiness and humility.

In 2005, our Mazamorra was recognized for its Puerto Rican grandmother-style flavor. In 2007, our Maga’s Arroz con Dulce was also recognized for its resemblance to the traditional Puerto Rican recipe. Our oatmeal pancakes filled us with pride in 2009, and our Cream of Corn cereal in 2011.

Each award sets a new goal to pursue in excellence and quality for all the products we make.

In 2012, MIDA awarded us as the Manufacturing Company of the Year. In 2013, SBDTC also recognized us as Company of the Year. In 2014, the Small Business Administration awarded our president and founder with the Entrepeneur of the Year Award for Puerto Rico. In 2015, we were highlighted as entrepreneurial example in advertising campaigns for Banco Popular de Puerto Rico.

Why we do this

We value every recognition from institutions and agencies. But our greatest reward is to hear consumers say “I love Maga,” because we prepare delicious foods of extraordinary quality products for them.

Every day, we work hard to preserve the tradition of Puerto Rican cuisine for those who remain on the island or  have left to be work abroad. We created a menu that remind us of our society’s origin: simple, friendly and helpful.

We choose quality raw materials to fulfill the promise of loving the best: the best ingredients, the best services, the best products, the best prices. All for our people.

Maga distributes products in supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, and national and international drugstores.