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What would coffee be without sugar? Such small and powerful crystals that are able to sweeten the most bitter drink and transform it into everyone’s favorite, can now get to your table with more flavor and Maga quality. Our brown sugar gives you a healthier options to enjoy desserts, drinks and food.

Treat yourself!

Sugar reached areas of America on Christopher Columbus second voyage. In Puerto Rico, its production started in 1515. Sugar cane was difficult to cultivate. Therefore, from the beginning it was considered an exclusive product. Today, we have a varied and accessible industry. The real treat is to select a good brand, with better preparation.

Perhaps, you don’t have time during to busy schedule to take a look at the cane plantation that produces the sugar that you’ll use. You won’t have time to verify that the procedures to package it and transport it are the best. At Maga, we use reliable methods to ensure that our product is good from the beginning until it reaches the shelves of supermarkets, convenience stores and department stores.

Once you have in your kitchen, our produc, which is certified by agencies that protect its quality, you can use it to make your coffee, tea or favorite drink and the fancy food that suits your taste.

Nutritional content of molasses

Brown sugar gets its color from natural molasses. This liquid is extracted from sugar cane to form crystals. It retains a pleasant taste and aroma. Therefore, a small amount incorporates into the product. This is more delicious and more attractive for the whole family.

Molasses contains such a large amount of carbohydrates that it’s capable of providing huge amount energy to the human body. In earlier times, it was used as a nutritional supplement to fight anemia and increase iron in pregnant women. Its calcium strengthens bones. You can also improve the quality of daily sleep and prevent stress because it has vitamins from the B complex.