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Let’s get the party!

When the music starts and the guests start arriving, diets are exchanged for comfort food. Fritters, desserts, ingredients and seasonings that bring joy in every bite. Our appetizing ‘Criollo’ menu is easy to make, and provides an array of Puerto Rican flavor that everyone likes.

At Maga, we offer flavors that last a lifetime to share with family and friends. You no longer have to worry about getting the best ingredients to prepare Caribbean delicacies to serve as snacks or appetizers. Even if you’re far away, you can keep your culinary memories alive by simply opening a package, mixing it and pouring it into the pot.

Our products give you the opportunity to recover the art of the popular Puerto Rican cuisine with classic and traditional recipes. At Maga, we apply slight variations that allow sustainable storage to take them from our company directly to your table.

Getting together in the kitchen!

Traditionally, the lady of the house was the person in charge of preparing food at home. From a young age, she learned to plan the menu with the available ingredients and spent long hours in the heat of the kitchen. No more of that!

Now, everyone can help prepare meals. By following the package’s instructions, even the younger ones can be stars in the kitchen with delicious and nutritious snacks from Puerto Rican tradition.

Packages of Culinary Nostalgia

Our packages are carefully sealed to preserve freshness. In addition, they help avoid spilling during their journey to the supermarkets, grocery stores or department stores. They are also ideal to send on the food packages to please those who went abroad and miss their Puerto Rican meals.

What a great joy for the family to find an envelope of bacalaitos, almojábanas or langostaítos mix between our traditional music and local products! Send them with the pride of knowing that Maga “loves the best” of Puerto Rican cuisine. That’s why we reproduce the true flavor of foods that distinguish our culture.

Gastronomic Adventure

Enjoy the varied appetizers and their local taste in your own home!. Our Puerto Rican menu products offer delicious options in individual packages, ready to be mixed with water, fry and serve. Just open a bag to have a gastronomic adventure in your home.

Your grilled meats marinated with our seasonings, will bring back memories of the ‘lechoneras’ (pork roasting places). Call your friends and have fun with a Creole menu that caters to children and adults. Maga products help you have fun without spending too much or traveling long routes.

Bring our Puerto Rican menu products to your cupboard and when feel in the mood to have fun, turn your weekends into a gastronomic adventure full of flavor and variety with our products. We offer a traditional product with the Puerto Rican taste that’s very easy to make.