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Our Maga organic line is approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This means that the product meets the quality standards needed to cultivate, manage and package it.

Inspectors evaluate how we prepare the ground on farms, if planted properly and the cleaning of the warehouses where the fruit is preserved all the way to the packaging line. The USDA Organic Seal guarantees that the product contains 95% of ingredients without artificial pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers.

Natural and appetizing

Maga organic products reach your table after following certain procedures to ensure their natural origin. Besides, our mission is to protect your health and your family’s and avoid damaging the environment and the persons who work on the crops, packaging and transportation.

Developing these products without genetically-modified elements to cause rapid growth or synthetic pesticides help retains its original flavor. Therefore, they can be tastier.

Eating naturally helps you stay healthy because chemicals or artificial residues that threaten your well-being and that of your family do not enter your body.