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Maga “loves the best” to serve at breakfast, and nothing is more stimulating than hot cream with a lot of cinnamon, as made by our grandmothers. Enjoy our traditional foods that fill you, provide fiber, and are low in calories.

An act of love

At Maga, we believe that cooking is an act of love. You have to love what you eat or the person you are preparing it for. That motivates you to find the best ingredients and products. When you serve it, you offer nutrition with creativity and extraordinary flavors.

Gathering your family around the first meal of the day shows how you feel about them. But we know that sometimes it’s difficult to fit quality time in their busy agenda. That’s why we make products that are so easy to make.

Our creams are thin and are especially created to avoid lumps. Just toss in the pot the amount you need, stir and serve the correct portion to each family member.

Daily breakfast

Maga creams are varied and appetizing. Fill your pantry and you’ll have a different choice for each day of the week. Eating them by themselves is enough to provide energy. If you add toast, fruit, coffee and juice you will enjoy a full breakfast that’s very easy to do!

Soft diet

After a dental procedure, radiation treatment, or surgery, it’s advisable to eat a light diet of soft foods. Our creams can give the balanced nutrition needed for someone with difficulty chewing or swallowing. To add flavor and variety, you can use cinnamon, malagueta, vanilla, ginger and coconut. All outstanding for their aromatic properties.

It’s always important to consult your doctor about soft products that you can include in your diet. Using low-fat milk or replacing it with water, juice or milk made from nuts is great for avoiding the calories you don’t need during while you get better.


Today, chefs are very bold, experimenting with traditional ingredients like our creams, to create modern dishes of extraordinary flavors. You can also try new compositions in your kitchen. Sometimes you only need to add chocolate, candy and fruit syrups to develop spectacular desserts that your family will remember for a long time.

Maga creams are a nutritious ingredient to add to your favorite cake recipe, pudding, custard, biscuits and gelatin. Be creative! A little in your daily menu can make the difference when it’s time to inviting family and friends to your home.

When you have everything ready, get inspired! Serve your unique dessert in cups, antique plates or fine china and garnish it with whipped cream, mint leaves, chopped nuts or seasonal fruits. Capture the appetite of your guests with just one bite!