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Classic and nutritious flavor that brings the family together

Enjoy the classic taste of our Maga Cream of Wheat (Farina) rich in carbohydrates. A daily serving gives you 70% of the recommended iron in the regular diet. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight and speeds up metabolism to remove toxins from the body. Eating it will remind you of visits to Grandma’s house and hearty Sunday breakfasts with the family.

The kids love it for its soft texture and delicate flavor. The most active person can eat it with whole milk. It’s also delicious made with almond milk and other market options.

Easy to make!

The traditional way of preparing farina is on the stove. Grandmothers let the liquid boil and slowly poured the wheat grains while stirring to avoid lumps. Today, you can prepare your hot cereal in the microwave.

If you decide to use the original recipe, you can mix the ingredients all at once and stir until achieving a creamy consistency that gives pleasure to family meals.

With more flavor!

Farina captures flavors easily. Give variety to your breakfast with more vanilla. You can also add allspice or ginger while coooking. A little sugar, honey or agave will enhance the taste of this healthy cereal.

With fruit, you add more color and reinforce the natural nutrition. You can also combine the farina with chocolate, caramel and coarse sugar. Almonds and walnuts give a healthy crunch. Be creative and enjoy your daily breakfast with the best products.